Ch. II – Everybody’s Amazing

I’m on my breakfast break which I usually don’t have Thursdays but today is a special Thursday.

Previously on “The Lonely Heart Chronicles”:
Alex and Old Fisherman got lost at sea.
(Alex is the name of cute guy).
I haven’t had time to go back to that beach where I met them.
Actually I’m kind of scared to run into Alex again.
How am I supposed to act? Friendly? Indifferent? He has a beach house there so it is very likely I will run into him again.
Evidently what I wrote shook someone else up.

My therapist said I’m allowed to fantasize about him but I haven’t felt like it. He’s really not my type.
For some reason I’ve never been attracted to friendly guys.
I like to have to work for others’ attention.
That reminds me, last night I was trying to get my husband to tell me that I’m amazing. All I could get him to say was “Everybody’s amazing.”
Then I said “I’m going to write about how you don’t want to tell me I’m amazing!”
So here it is.

I’m supposed to be somewhere in 4 minutes and I’m still in my P.J.s. D:

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