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if i ruled the world daily prompt

Daily Prompt: If I Didn’t Rule the World and Then Did (Again)

This prompt implies I don’t rule the world.
I like to think that I do.
But if I have to argue it, it kind of falls apart on me.
I find this prompt depressing.

Lemme concentrate on the superpower.
I can change one law of nature…
Last night I dreamed I had a baby pig and the baby pig was running around everywhere with a cape tied around it’s neck.
It was the most darling thing I’ve ever tentatively seen in my life.
If pigs could fly.
Nah- that’s a dumb idea.
Who could ever write about that?

What if photographers could fly?
Yes that’s the law I would change.
I wouldn’t want everyone to fly.
Just photographers.
Then again everyone would want to be a photographer.
Then again everyone already thinks they are.

This is harder than I thought.
I know!
If people could breathe under water!
That would solve so many problems.
We’d have a better understanding of our oceans and would feel impulsed to stop throwing trash into them!
I could learn to speak Whalish and Sharkish.
I could even live under water.
Instead of cats I’d have sea otters.
I’d never have to shower.
Maybe just vacuum myself.
Wait. Where would my toilet water go?
Into the mainland?
Maybe I need to put more thought into the logistics.

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daily prompt just another day

Daily Prompt: Un Jour Plus

What’s your favorite daily ritual?

I’d like to say it’s writing this prompt, but it obviously isn’t, seeing as how I haven’t gotten around to it in the last 3 days!
Honestly I did not do this prompt on Friday because I don’t have that many rituals, other than taking a shower, and as much as I’d love to go on about the details of that, I’d rather leave it to the imagination.
Lol j/k.
I mean, I do shower every day, just don’t imagine it please, it’d be embarrassing.
Ok I’m blushing now.
Sometimes I’m too tired to pray.
I guess after the shower bit that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.
I like to have cereal for dinner but sometimes I’m too tired to do that too.
When I feel well enough I just scroll through image after image on Tumblr until my eyeballs explode.
Then I have to find my way to my stash of back-up eyeballs and put them into my eye sockets which is really hard to do without seeing.
I think you understand why I skipped this prompt.
Moving on!

(Late) response to WP daily prompt Just Another Day

Daily Prompt: Pick Me Up

I’m gonna try doing this from my phone…
It’s getting all foggy inside the comforter here.
Yesterday my friend texted me if I wanted to go to Starbucks with her cause they were having a 50% off sale.
That cheered me up though I couldn’t go since I was at work.
It also cheers me up when my husband says he’ll take me shopping, he’ll make me lunch, he’ll do the dishes, or he’ll stop by the grocery store.
When someone calls me “Mija” or “hija,” terms of endearment meaning “honey” or “daughter,” it warms my heart.
Not often someone will call me funny or an artist… I take both compliments quite seriously.
Just as long as they don’t call me a funny artist.
Also find it charming when someone asks how my cats are doing.
If I had to choose one it’d be when someone says, “I saw your pictures” or “read your poem.”
Some of these pick-me-ups sound a little self-centered.
Maybe next time I try to cheer someone up, I’ll just talk about me.
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daily prompt tail of two kitties

Daily Prompt: A Tail of Two Kitties

I already divide much of my waking time between Santa Barbara and Ventura, California.
Not that I want to.
I’ve always wanted to work close to home.
Rent’s too high in Santa Barbara.
There aren’t enough work opportunities in the city of Ventura.
They’re both beautiful cities to live in.
Distinct cultures, supposedly.

The other night one of my neighbor’s called together a patio wine meeting (she has an ocean view).
My adorable neighbors were talking about how annoying people are in Santa Barbara.
…Something about ostentatious attitudes…
A whiles into the night, the conversation turns to me and how it is that I speak English so well…
“I’m from Santa Barbara,” I answer.
It happens quiet often, actually.
I mean, the part about white people assuming I’m from Mexico.
Mexicans also ask me how it is I learned Spanish.
“My parents,” I answer.
More awkward moments.
I mean, awkward for the other people; I’ve personally learned to enjoy their embarrassing questions.

BUT if I had a choice… what two places would I choose?
If I could divide my life in two…
Two lives…
Both authentic…
One as thoroughly sincere as the other-

You know, early mornings in Montecito are always foggy.
You open the curtains and it feels like you’re in the middle of an evergreen fairy tale.
It’s a very unrealistic place to live.

When you live in a Mexican beach town your main concern is whether the tide will be high at sunset.

Tiny corners Time tucked into this busy world to remind us what life is supposed to taste like…

I wish I had traveled more throughout my life; I would be better prepared to answer this question.

I would like to have breakfast in Santorini and dinner in Tuscany.
I would like to work in San Francisco and go watch plays in New York.
I would like to go shopping in Tokyo and hiking in New Zealand.
A tele-transportation device and at least one cat at each location.

Response to WP Daily Prompt: A Tale of Two Cities

prompt du jour sticky chicky situation

Daily Prompt: Sticky Chicky Situation

I thought about this all yesterday and all yesternight and finally after much concentration was able to comb through the best of my memories to bring you this one n only true n sticky story:

A few years ago my husband and friends and I would take a lot of road trips in the Mexican state of Michoacán.
Now, if you don’t like to read the news, Michoacán is one of the worst Mexican crisis failed states due to drug trafficking.
The nucleus of the problem resides in the secluded hills surrounding Tierra Caliente, which translates as “Hot Land.”
Tierra Caliente is literally a vast desert region between the Sierra Madre forests and the Pacific Ocean.
The only way to get between the ranches in the secluded hills and civilization is by taking one of two roads- “La Libre,” non-toll road, or “la autopista,” a high-speed toll road.
We lived in Uruapan, (meaning ‘place full of green’ in Purepecha) which is a beautiful town with a National Park full of waterfalls right smack in the middle of it, two hours northeast of the desert.
We would all volunteer at least once a week to go visit deaf people in a city named Apatzingán, situated in the middle of this desert, often taking the “Libre” road to save money.
These roads have military checkpoints along the way because of the drug trafficking ordeal.

Ok, we are getting to the sticky part.
One of our friends had mentioned to an elderly woman in one of the towns that she was experiencing joint pains.
The elderly woman gave her a bottle full of marijuana leaves so she could use them as an ointment.
My friend in her (honest-to-God) innocence, (I don’t want to say naiveness), took the bottle in a gesture of politeness and didn’t think to ask what was inside it.
That week we had decided to stay at some friends’ house for a couple more days and while there our other friend got her period.
She had stuffed all her dirty laundry into her backpack.
Neither my husband nor I nor a third friend were aware of either of these situations.

We had been on the road for only a few minutes when we came upon a checkpoint.
We were accustomed to this and many of the soldiers were also accustomed to seeing us.
We all got off the car except my friend who had the bottle of weed.
My husband opened the trunk as they asked the typical questions:
Where are you from?
Why did you come here?
Where are you going? etc.
He pointed to the backpack and asked us to bring it out.
Our friend, the one on her period, grabbed her backpack full of dirty laundry and stood there hugging it.
The soldier gave her a suspicious look. “What you got in there?”
Friend: “Nothing.”
Soldier: “Let me see that.”
Friend: “No.”
Soldier: “Let me take a look.”
Friend: “No.”
Soldier: “I need to inspect it.”
Friend: “It doesn’t matter how many times you ask me, I’m not going to let you look inside my backpack.”
My husband and I stared in disbelief.
We didn’t know what was going on.
She was acting strange even by our standards.
Finally she managed to stare down the soldier, who I can only imagine must have had several sisters, and he retreated in his requests to invade her personal property.
Exasperated, they let us continue on on our trip.
When we boarded the car again, our other friend, lost in thought, said, “It’s a good thing they didn’t check my bag cause an old lady gave me one of those home-made-remedies.”

Response to WP Daily Prompt: Saved by the Bell

WP going obsolete daily prompt

Daily Prompt: Going Obsolete

What piece of technology from my lifetime do I miss the most?
Am I old enough to be writing this?
Heheh. Let’s see…

Film SLR cameras.
I liked the sound they made when you forwarded the film.
Mine got invaded by ants.
Audio tape recorders were nice cause despite the low fidelity, they were easy to use.
It was great holding something you made in your hands, as opposed to some abstract file.
Typewriters were quite beautiful.
They also made fun sounds.
But irritating if you made a mistake.

8mm tapes were subject to mold and spun too fast for their own good.
They’d come undone and you had to put your fingers in the holes and wind ’em back up.
Same goes for VHS.
Come to think of it- audio cassettes also had a tendency to unwind.

Oh wait! I just remembered a good one.
Zip discs.
They came in a rainbow of colors.
I might still have some somewhere…
Better than a floppy. Not quite a CD.
Essential to every graphic designer in 1999.

Having a landline aided conversation by providing a visual of my voice traveling across a cable.
Nowadays it just feels like I’m talking into thin air.
When people call me.

…Sometimes people call me.

Well my mom calls me by mistake when she’s trying to call my brother.

So there.

Yeah- conversations are harder than they used to be.

Oh of course! Polaroids!
People would wave the photos and blow to make them develop quicker.

Pocket watches used to be such a great fashion statement.
A man who carried a pocket watch was capable of accomplishing anything.

Today’s men- they all have to ask Google.
“Google, what time does the game start?”
“Google, does my tie match my shirt?”
“Google, what should I buy my girlfriend?”
I wonder what will replace Google.
The robots from Wall-E?

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Daily Prompt: Worst Case Scenario- Take 2

I read this in the morning and thought about it and now that the day is through, my answer would differ.

In the morning I thought the best thing that could happen to me would be to run into an old friend.
The worst would be to find out someone I care about was in a fatal accident.

This takes me back to January 25th of this year.
It started as one of the best days of my life.
One of my Bible students got baptized that day.
Our baptisms are rather simple.
Hundreds of us gather to hear different talks on Bible topics and then at noon, they bring the candidates to a pool outside and submerge them in water.
That day, my Bible student was the only female getting baptized.
It was a great blessing to have had the honor of helping her.

That same evening, my uncle got hit by a car while he was walking home from work.
He died on impact.

Granted, I didn’t find out until the next day-

<long pause>

He was a painter and a guitarist. My dad’s younger brother.
I guess we had a lot in common with him.
Just one of those people who cannot be anything other than poetic.

<long pause>

Now that the day is done, I think the best thing that could have happened today would have been for me to have gotten sucked into another dimension.
A dimension of peace.
Fast forwarded through this world and all its vices, violence, harassment, illnesses, accidents, poverty, debt, envy and all, into a world where the delicate balance between man and nature has been restored.
The worst thing that could have happened to me would have been to have run into an old friend.
Or to have hypothetically yelled at them over the phone.

…I probably don’t belong in that peace dimension quite yet.

I’m just tired of feeling used.
But really, upon further reflection, nothing hurts more than losing someone you care about, except failing someone you love.
Like God, for instance. Or your own self.

Is my one month of prompts almost over?
I’m beginning to considerably dislike this.

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I believe in chocolate

Daily Prompt: I Believe in Chocolate

I believe in chocolate.
I believe because of chocolate.
Chocolate… chocolate is my reason to believe.

If belief were a pool, it would be a pool of chocolate.

If belief were a song, it would be a song about chocolate.

If belief were promise, it would be a promise of chocolate to come.

If belief were patience, it would be wrapped in shiny gold foil.

If belief were sacrifice, it would be the chocolate I share with others.

If belief were the blood running through my veins, it would be chocolate milk.

If belief is harmony, it casts crunchy peanuts in soft dark milk chocolate.

If belief is fantasy, it sandwiches ice cream between two chocolate breads.

If belief were religion and religion were chocolate, we would achieve world peace!

I believe because life’s littlest pleasures have motivated me through trials of faith.
God is not cruel.
Proof: chocolate.
God is real:
Proof: chocolate.
I could argue this on so many levels, but I don’t like to argue the obvious.

…ok, I just wanted to write about food again.

response to WP Daily Prompt: Reason to Believe

daily prompt the king of picante

Daily Prompt: The King of Picante

PICANTE– Spanish for spice/spicy.
My husband grew up having contests with his siblings to see who could bear the most spice.
He even put chile on his cereal once. And ate it.
His motto is: “If it’s red and it’s not spicy, it’s no good.”
I’m more of a ketchup person.
When we got married, he wanted me to eat spicy food.
I don’t know why- I mean, if you want a wife who eats spicy food, you should just marry one that already does instead of idealizing someone’s taste palette.
He said he wanted me to experience pleasure in the same way he does.
Maybe he thought I would start making salsas like most Mexican women do.
Anyway, we lived in a city where the temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees F) year-round.
I was volunteering in the sign language field and had to walk up, down and across dusty tree-less suburbs to visit friends in the deaf community.
(I was afraid to drive in that lawless place.)
When I’d finally arrive home around 1 or 2 PM, I was super-hungry and my husband would surprise me with huevos rancheros, a typical Mexican lunch platter.
I was so excited!
New country!
New language!
New home!
And a new husband who cooked.
With spicy foods.
I could never finish any of his dishes.
I’d try.
We were at that stage where you’re still trying to be polite to each other.
Or I was, anyway.
Until the months went by and he kept doing it and I still couldn’t finish a meal.
Finally I told him to either stop putting chile in the huevos rancheros or to stop cooking for me.
We’ve been married for 12 years.
I still don’t eat chile, but he still cooks for me from time to time. 🙂
He makes his own side-salsas, which very few friends can actually eat.
I add powdered chile to everything, but this isn’t very spicy.
It just gives any food a little kick in the taste-buds.
Especially corn and watermelon.
Powdered chile + salt. Mmmmmmmmmm.

It was inevitable that a prompt about spicy food would end up being a prompt about my marriage to the King of Picante.
I guess all couples have their ideals at the beginning.
Newlyweds are 90% expectation.
10% love.
No experience.
Even people who live together before getting married say their relationship changes substantially once they sign.
Since I am already on this topic, and I have about 10 more minutes before I have to shower, allow me to expand:
One year ago, I so badly wanted to go see a Casablanca screening at a nearby theater.
My family pressured me to go do something else.
I had been resentful about it ever since.
But my husband called a few minutes ago to tell me they’re showing it again this year, and he already bought the tickets.
Some men learn with time.
Whereas I– I haven’t had to change anything.

For Daily Prompt: Ring of Fire

Blueberry Polaris sleeps soundly

Daily Prompt: Pride and Joy

Every night I embrace thee.
And in the morning thou dost not let go.
Thou alone tastes the tears I have shed.
Thou alone art mine,
Without eyes for another.
Thy skin- soft suede, softly presses
Sadness away till
Dreams dunk me down-
Senseless allegories
As my soul is sent back to thee.
Thy sense of self
Fulfilled in my peacefulness.
Together, we’ve overcome madness.
My prayers have found ears in thee.
My restlessness rests in thy nest.
Thou never did complain.
Truly, never has one felt so strongly
About a case filled with beads.
Oh Pillow- how I cherish thee!
Tireless support of my imagination
And keeper of my sacred sleep.

Blueberry Polaris sleeps soundly

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