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Dear Freshly Pressed: I don’t care.

Dear Editors of the Freshly Pressed Highlights section that automatically appears at the top of my login page,

I once thought you knew what was best for me.
I trusted your opinions on what quality blogging is supposed to look like.
But I quickly perceived that I was being misdirected.
Much like one tunes into the “Greatest Hits” station on the radio only to find Selena Gomez and Rihanna songs playing.

If I ever read one of the posts on the Freshly Pressed section, it’s cause I accidentally clicked on it.
It usually leaves this bland taste in my mental tongue- like unsalted potatoes- and I hear my alter-self exclaim: “Let’s celebrate mediocrity!”

My experience on WordPress has been that blogs with practical or entertaining information are difficult to find.
I don’t think there are enough editors to seriously take the time to read every blog.

Looking at today’s Freshly Pressed page, everything seems so clean and prepared, like the genetically modified fruit section of a supermarket.

See, to me WordPress is like a giant Wal-Mart.
Some people come in their PJs. Some people come with their friends. Others just feel lonely and come for the interaction, while others come in a hurry because of its convenience.

I just tried reading the “What Makes a Post Freshly-Pressable” articles.
They’re like a combination of all my English teachers rolled into a vague and opinionated giant monster with blonde hair.

English Teacher Monster
Probably divorced.

It doesn’t matter whether you won the Nobel Prize in literature and are blogging anonymously.
If talent is what you’re all about, then very few people will care.

But personally, I’ll take talent over popularity any day. Even if it takes me 100x longer to find.