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The Hungry Commuter

On a very hungry day of the week, my friend CM was driving home from work on the northbound freeway between Goleta and Buellton when she was passed by a California Highway Patrol car at the precise moment she happened to be biting into a burger.
He pulled into the lane behind her and switched on his siren lights.
She safely stored the burger in front of the speedometer until she found a decent spot to pull over.
The officer stepped up to her window and asked, “Ma’am, do you know how fast you were going?”
CM glanced under her dashboard.
“Well, no… I couldn’t tell because the burger was covering the numbers…”
The officer told her he was going to have to write her a ticket and went back to his car.
Just then a strong ocean breeze came upon them and swept one of her food wrappers out the window.
She watched in despair through the rear view mirror as the wrapper stopped every few seconds only to then roll away some more.
Not only was she facing a speeding fine, but now, if the officer saw the wrapper, she would also be facing something like a $400 littering fine.
The implications were overwhelming.
Should she risk endangering her life by stepping out of her car next to the busy freeway traffic just to pick up a silly wrapper?
Would the officer think she was going to attack him?
Should she pretend nothing had happened and pray the officer didn’t notice the wrapper rolling by?
As the officer stepped back up to CM’s window to hand her the ticket, she saw the wrapper lodge itself behind a prickly plant.
The officer asked if there was anything else she wished to tell him.
“Well yes…” she said, “Would you mind handing me that wrapper that just flew out of my car?”
“Where is it?”
“Behind us, lodged in that prickly plant.”
“That one there?”
So he handed her the wrapper and sent her on her way, with clear instructions not to put burgers in front of her speedometer in the future.


What Would Your Favorite Book Taste Like?

I am eating huckleberries.

Guess what my favorite book is…

Perhaps not my all time #1 favorite, but I’ve read it so many times it’d be hard to argue that it’s not.

Anything by Mark Twain is absolutely entertaining and full of points to reflect on as far as human nature and social justice is concerned, not to mention written in a manner that is brilliantly engaging and romantic.

My manager gave me a few huckleberries at work, probably trying to compensate for not giving me a raise last time I requested it, not to mention also making feel completely replaceable and unworthy, and I am just now getting the chance to nibble on them.

Today was Invasalign (I keep mispelling misspelling that) Day-

Let me start that sentence over.

Today was Invisalign Day 1.

Morning was weird. I have been hungry for the better part of today. Evening has been painful.

Swollen misery dripping from the second hands of every clock in a 25 mile readius.



I knew I was a nibbler; I always have been.

For example, today it took me an hour and a half to finish a medium plate of tortellini.

But on top of that I tend to eat snacks throughout the day!

A cookie here. A lollipop there.

Donuts. Granola bars. Sandwiches. Apples. Pears. You name it.

I am always nibbling on something, on the hour.

I did not realize how adversely my diet would be changed now that I have to wear the trays practically 24/7.

I have entered a state of perpetual hunger.

(A two-year state of perpetual hunger).

Even so, I am very happy.

The orthodontist who is seeing me has a PlayStation station in his waiting room and the staff there is very good with kids.

The round lamps on the ceiling have eyelashes. It’s the cutest thing.

I’ll try to get a picture next time.

I wish we had a Play Station in the office I work.

I am not attracted to any field in dentistry, but if I were, it would definitely be Ortho.

That said, another very exciting thing happened today-

The art store I frequent wants to interview me for an opening they have.

It’s not that I don’t have a passion for endo (that is literally the opposite of my boss’s slogan), it’s just that I don’t see myself working as a receptionist/office assistant/customer service rep/sales rep/web-whatever-it-is-I’m-supposed-to-be-doing-online person for the rest of my life.

Unless it’s in Italy.

In which case, I have an embarrassing passion for endo.

Today was a beautiful day.

My father achieved a long-time spiritual goal of his.

My mother who has been a role-model for our family in a spiritual sense was as happy as I have ever seen her.

Yes, today was a very good day.

I am down to the last huckleberry.

Soon, I will have to put my trays back in.

I face a long night of trying to decide whether I want to drive tomorrow and risk my car breaking down or ride the bus and have to get up earlier.

But today was a day of blessings.