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Today is the kind of day
That you kind of wish it was tomorrow.
Tomorrow bring what may,
Maybe worse than Today,
But Today would be well over.
No going back.
Rolled over by the
Bulldozer of Time.
Remnants of the slow painful hours
Crumpled to pieces,
By anyone that matters today
And who will probably matter tomorrow,
But maybe just maybe
Maybe just maybe
They won’t matter
At all
Because the key to surviving Today
Is Hope.

Despair not! The sun will always rise again, with or without you.

fat duck flying

I Hope

I hope you never die.
I hope no one ever has to lose you
With the exception of me.
I hope the sky is always blue
For you
(Unless you like gray).
(In which case I hope it’s gray).
I hope your kids grow up in a garden with a pond.
A duck pond.
But the ducks will not migrate
Because I know you’ll overfeed them
And they will be too fat to fly.
I hope you have lots of them.
(Children, not ducks).
(Well, ok, ducks also).
(But especially children).
They will make you laugh
And you can explain things to them-
The way things really are-
Not the way people like me would have them believe.
Tell them unicorns aren’t real.
Tell them cats don’t know how to type or read.
Explain to them the laws of Physics
At an early age so they can not fit in at school.
Don’t give them a false sense of pride.
They find out sooner or later.
We all do;
When it’s too late to go back and change where we’re going
Because we didn’t know who we were.
But you are different.
That’s why I hope you never
Have to
Go away.
That is, with the exception of,
From me.

fat duck flying