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Curly Haired vs. Straight Haired

The pros of curly-haired personalities:
-easy to get along with
-independent thinker

We tend to be non-confrontational but at the same time non-conforming.

The pros of straight-haired personalities:
-prettier overall
-more controlling

Straight-haired people are less sensitive to how they affect others’ feelings but tend to be more successful throughout the day.

This is based on my personal observations being a head of curls…*
So please don’t cite me in JAMA.

If you are one or the other (you may also be Wavy or Bald) and the mental picture of the person of your dreams has the opposite of what your partner has…
(i.e.: you wanted a straight black haired wife but your girlfriend is a crazy curly brunette)
You either need to love her for who she is, entirely, curls and all, or do her a favor and break up with her ASAP.
Because if 12 years into your marriage you’re still trying to get her to straighten her hair “to look better,” then you will make her miserable.
She will hate herself and want to die or perhaps want to hurt you back.