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The Girl Who Had Nothing to Do

This is a poem,
A poem about
The girl who had nothing to do.

She was a bit bored
Chewing on a cord
So she tied it back on her shoe.

She rolled off her bed
Looking for Ed-
An Ed she never once knew.

So she looked instead
Deep inside her head.
That bored her an awful lot too.

She went out to plow,
Made friends with a cow.
They took turns saying, “Moo, moo.”

They fell on the grass.
As she scratched her ass,
She asked why the sky is blue.

When the phone would ring
She just had to sing,
“Hello, is this Dr. Who?”

But it was quiet.
Hoax of a riot.
Reality can be untrue.

She ate the candy.
Belonged to some Andy.
Some not so easy to chew.

And once that was done,
Put her hair in a bun,
Watched the clock for an hour or two.

What’s that, you say?
A heck of a day?
She lives life without a clue?

Well guess what, Amigo…
Quiere estar contigo,
And she also writes poems about you.