“I Wouldn’t Leave You for an Italian”

My conscience was bothering me on account of the Italian doctor with whom I had an emotional affair over the course of last week.

Well it was more like an imaginary affair considering we technically never exchanged words.

I did thank him once for fixing my boss’s computer, but I’m not even sure he heard me.

I think the couple times he came over to chat I just turned red and my coworker or boss did all the talking.

The point is- in my head we lived happily ever after so I felt terrible around my husband, like I had totally betrayed him.

I decided to confess what had happened and my husband said,

“Frankly, if you were to leave me for an Italian to go live in Italy, I would’ve done the same thing.”

That took a great load off my shoulders.
It is wonderful to have such an understanding husband.
We finally see eye to eye in something.
I think I’ll let him come stay with us in Italy.

Just kidding.
I wouldn’t leave my husband for another man.
Not even for an Italian doctor.
Now, whether I’d leave him for a lifetime’s supply of gelato…?

This is quite troubling.

Just when I think I've passed the ultimate test of my morale...

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