Question About Male Behavior

I have a friend who had a friend who dreamed she had a friend whose cousin’s sister’s granddaughter had a question about guys.

Is it typical male behavior to want your wife or girlfriend to dress more provocatively?

I don’t mean at home or in bed, I mean like at their workplace or in other professional situations.

If I were a guy, I’d kinda want her to save her goods for me.

Is it common to think your girlfriend/wife dresses too conservatively?

So this friend of a friend person we’re talking about- she gets catcalled and unwanted attention and she just dresses in normal everyday clothes that she mostly buys from Victoria’s Secret clearance section.

What are your thoughts on this?
Is the man in her life being normal or what?

While we’re on that…
Coincidentally, this same woman notices that every time a chance comes up for her to be away from home, the guy really supports her leaving.

Like yesterday, for example, he told her she should be a park ranger even though she’d be away from home for days at a time.
He said he’d totally support something like that.
Even though she never brought up wanting to be a park ranger.
And he tends to make comments like that all the time.
Or so I hear.

What is up with that?
So he is in the habit of saying she doesn’t look hot enough and telling her she should be away from home.
Is she overanalyzing this?
Are all guys pretty much like that?
Is all of this an imaginary scenario that really has nothing to do with me?

Please advise.
Please advise her, and I’ll relay your message.


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