Here is advice on how to write a dynamic intro:
Don’t do it like this.
My website disappeared.
Yesterday or today.
Not clear when.
I thought at first someone hacked it but I’m so lovable… Who would want to hack a page about polar bears?
Not to mention adorable conceited panda bears.
I tried calling my host which has 24/7 service.
That’s 24 minutes of service for each day of the week.
I had to catch the bus home cause the check engine light went on in my car and I freaked out and took it to my mechanic, even though my husband and my father said the car was fine.
As it turns out, the car is fine but the best news is- I have an honest mechanic.
Well, I had to catch the bus home so I had to cancel the phone and web chat technical support requests I was waiting on.
When I got home my husband pried my personal life and I had to tell him my website had disappeared.
He waited and waited and waited on hold forever and ever and ever until
someone picked up.
Then I grabbed the phone from him.
“No one hacked into your site, Ma’m.
It’s a plug-in problem.”
And so the most excitement I’ve had on a recent night fizzled just like that, like a coke goes flat in the fridge.
The coke of life.
My “social” life.
The hip hub where all my imaginary friends hang, having deep conversations about me.
So now all my fonts n stuff are messed up.
I can’t upload anything cause we moved temporarily again so there’s no WiFi.
My point is my head hurts, I’m terribly sleepy and if my online portfolio got a little messed up, well, at least the pictures are there, so don’t expect me to fix it for a while.


About Ave Valencia

My friends say I'm an artist. My cats think I'm the greatest thing since smoked salmon. My family- well let's just leave it at that.

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