The Advantages of Being Un-Indexed


Zero stats make me happy.
I unindexed my site during the whole “I need a new job so I better be careful with what I post” phase.

Today was a long day.
By today I mean yesterday.
I took a nappy-nap after work and now I’m going to sleep soon, so this is my break in between.
Pajama-break, I like to call it.
Break during which I switch from my day clothes into my pajamas.

I got a job offer yesterday (yesterday yesterday) and another one today. (Yesterday).
I prayed about it and decided to take the job that offered me more flexibility, more security, and where I know I’ll get along well…
Even though the other one paid more and seemed more exciting.

That seems to be the basis on which I’ve made other Life decisions.

(Writer recommends the Reader reflect).

So now I get to eat even more chocolates and pop bubble wrap all day.

But the highlight of my week is that my mom’s eye surgery was finally approved, even though we had to take her to the ER last Saturday.
I am so so proud of her; her life has changed so much in the last few months but she is still cooking lunch and dinner for me.

Speaking of which, I should eat a cookie.
Hopefully it doesn’t interrupt my sleep flow.

Oh I just read the title and realized I’ve written nothing on the advantages of being unindexed.

Text text text words more text words blah bleh bleeh bloh blooh.

And that is how I intend to win a Pulitzer some day!

Good night. ❤ Or morning.


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