Jury Duty Part 4

These are the drawings I mentioned in “Jury Duty Part 3” post, with the line in the fire pamphlet that prompted them.

forest fire animals



Speaking of prompts, I really liked today’s Daily Prompt about whose life story you’d like to hear.
I enjoy Bitter Ben’s blog but he’d probably ruin my day.
I’d also like to hear Theodore Ficklestein’s life story but mostly because he hardly writes anything concrete about himself.
He is practically the most anonymous elusive blogger that I know of.
What is it he’s trying so hard to keep to himself?

The TV room is full of napping jurors sleeping through a soap opera about the kidnapping of a guy named Sam.
I tried to kidnap a guy named Sam once. But he wouldn’t get in the car.

There’s a guy sitting in front of me wearing an army jacket who keeps laughing to himself.
Freaking me out.
The old man next to me is snoring.
Time to go for a little walk. đŸ™‚



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