Jury Duty Part 3

Cute guy got called to a panel selection.
They said his name and I was going to look him up on Facebook but then I thought that would be sort of stalkerish.
After all, I have no intention of talking to him, so why even try to get to know him?

He wasn’t really reading the book, either confirming my suspicion that the book isn’t that great, or that he’s not that smart, or both.
I’ll be optimistic and assume both.

Then this old Asian dude who I just realized has been following me around all morning came and took his seat.
I have no interest in receiving hugs from old men in general in case of a pending catastrophe or in any other case, unless that old man is my dad.
So I got up to look for another seat.

Luckily the people who were hogging the tables with power outlets left and now I can make good use of the city’s tax dollars by plugging in my phone charger.
(Evil laugh).

A firefighter came in to lecture us on wildfire safety.
There was a very depressing video on people who waited too long to evacuate.
Brought tears to my eyes.
He gave me a pamphlet on what to do if I hike into a fire.
I made drawings about it but my tablet overheated and won’t turn on (pun not intended).

These instructions can also be applied to how to avoid sleeping with the wrong person.

I have migrated into the more private TV room.
It’s nicer here cause no one is talking, and I can just tune out the TV.

For example right now, there’s a commercial about constipation and bloody stools.
Just tuning it out.
How do they ever get actors to do those commercials?
How desperate do you have to be for money to talk to the whole world about your bowel movements?

Now there’s a Charmin toilet paper commercial.
Those bears are adorable.

While we are on the subject, why are bathroom subjects so taboo anyway?
It’s part of everybody’s daily life since the day we’re born til the day we die.
Hm. I should try to strike up a conversation about it with Cute Guy in case he comes back.


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