Jury Duty part 1

I am assuming there will be a part 2.

The lady in charge of calling jurors to the courtroom is currently calling the first group for a panel.

My stomach hurts.

I don’t want my name to be called
-Oh! She actually called my name half way through this sentence- because I’ll have to say “here” in front of everyone.

Damn you sweet Irony!!!

Now I am sitting on the carpet on the fourth floor of the Ventura Government Center, with a nice view of dry Sycamore tree tops.

I wonder if I can get out of serving on a panel if I mention I’m a compulsive blogger.

I enjoy jury duty very much but really have to be somewhere important tomorrow.

I’ve moved from the carpet to a bench because the floor was cold.
However I think the bench is colder.
Will it look weird if I go back to sitting on the carpet?
The cold is giving me cramps.
Ok I just stood up.

The guy I was sitting next to in the juror paging room was pretty cute.
I hope he’s there when I come back.


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