Telepathic Smart Phones?

Can your smart phone read your mind?
Mine can.
It’s creepy.

I think, “ok, I’m gonna close this app,” and suddenly, the app crashes.

Or what about when you’re typing some technicality on it, like a grocery list, and all of a sudden it suggests you type the name of someone who’s been on your mind a lot?

1. Eggs
2. Toothpaste
3. Drake

I don’t know anyone named Drake; I was just using that name as an example.

Speaking of creepy things, do fellow bloggers ever get this unnerving feeling someone is blogging about them?

In Latin America we say, ‘if your ears are burning, it’s cause someone’s talking trash about you.’

I don’t believe that stuff; it’s just a saying.

But do you ever read a post and just get this eerie feeling like what you’re reading has totally got to be about you?

And then in an effort to convince yourself otherwise, you read that blogger’s other posts, and you’re like, ‘Nah. I overreact.’

But then you wish you had been right cause your life would have been that much more interesting and if you’re reading this post, I can only assume it’s not very interesting at all.

My husband and I just finished watching “Magic in the Moonlight.”

(Spoiler alert.)

I knew she was a fraud all along.

I was mad the self-titled “genius” dumps his rational successful fiancee to marry a girl with no moral scruples.

Maybe she does outsmart him but is that reason enough to fall head over heels with someone?

Maybe I’m just upset cause I don’t like movies where people fall in love.
Or is it ones with happy endings?
I forget which.

Also, he dumps his fiancee over the phone.
Over the phone!
Who does that???
I’d say use Skype.
At least then you can see the agony dripping over their face as it dramatically ages 5-10 years.
Depending on how much they love you.
You ought to shoot for ten just to make the whole episode more worth watching.
Try to take a screen shot at the precise moment the swelling in their eyes transitions from disbelief into tears/anger.
You know.
The moment their heart collapses under the weight of their cascading aspirations.
Or better yet, do a recorded screen capture of the whole ordeal and then upload the video in slow-mo with Moonlight Sonata playing in the background.
If you get a few thousand hits YouTube will start paying you to show ads with it.
And just think… you were going to break up with her over the phone.

Over the phone!
Psht. Movies these days.
Nothing like good ol’ fashion blogging.

It’s hard now to see the relationship between the first half of this post about telepathic smart phones and the second half about hating romantic comedies, but the point is it wasn’t that funny.

No smart phone will tell ME what to think.

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