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When Someone Says “I Don’t Admire You”

Has anyone ever told you they don’t admire you?

How is one supposed to react to a comment like that?

Is throwing things at them out of the question?

What if the person is a really close friend, relative, or someone you really look up to?

What if you’ve looked up to this person for years, confiding in them, trying to please them, and all of a sudden you come to find out this whole time they’ve simply been putting up with you, that they think they’re above you in every way…?

What if you have to live with someone who has such a low opinion of you?

Wouldn’t you want to throw things at them too?

I’m not saying anything sharp or heavy.

Something big enough to get your point across but that doesn’t leave a mark.

Don’t forget to use your death-ray stare against your aggressor as you throw a fluffy object at him.


People- we all tend to say stupid things when we’re angry, and if we’re always angry, we’ll only say stupid things.

“Stupid” in the sense that they don’t contribute anything positive to this here world of ours which is already in a sorry state, and the mean comments could have gone without saying.

Ok, yes, he doesn’t admire me. I’m not admirable. So what?

I’m already trying as hard as I can to be a good person.

The inability to impress someone who means a lot to me only discourages me. It kind of makes me want to run through traffic or off a cliff.

But one person’s opinion can’t be my whole world.

My opinion of myself always has to carry more weight than others’ opinions of me, because aside from God, no one else understands my circumstances.

That is why it’s so important to have a healthy self-esteem to begin with.

Every morning, wake up and thank God he made you so great.

Some people think love and admiration go hand in hand.

Others think you can love someone without necessarily admiring them.

Both points of view seem valid.

In other words, I have no idea. I just know it hurts.


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