wedding shower

It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

Yesterday we went to a wedding shower for one of the ministers at my church.

He’s been there since like after the Flood.

Well not literally, he’s just the oldest one there- around 80 years old.

His wife passed away 10 years ago. They had 3 children together, now all grown.

Anyway, in September he started asking about where to find a nice wedding venue.

When another minister’s wife asked him whom the wedding was for, he said it was for himself.

He was getting re-married.

At 80.

To a very beautiful woman in her late 50s, as it turns out.

So yesterday was their wedding shower, or engagement dinner, whatever way you wish to interpret it since they never had the latter, so we might as well say it was a 2-for-1.

One of my friends spent all of Friday making Chiles Rellenos (stuffed green chiles), another one spent all of Saturday making lasagna, and yet another one of my friends spent all day making Mole (Chicken in bitter peanut and chocolate salsa).

As for me- I was asked to bring water.

(Unfortunately I couldn’t even do that right since they wanted it at 4 and I got there at 4:40.)

It’s not that I don’t know how to cook or that I don’t like to cook. I’ve taken food to potlucks before… I think people just don’t like my cooking.

Except my mom.

She’s the only one that matters.

Random Plant
Random Plant

During dinner, my friend Christina was saying how I should go around and interview the elderly about our church’s early history in Ventura County and then make a book about it.

“They’re not going to be around for long!” she said.

‘Oh Christina,’ I thought, ‘Please don’t start talking about the Groom-to-Be’s funeral at his wedding shower.’

Well if you’re wondering what to get an 80-yr. old as a Bachelor-parting-gift, I was planning on just giving him cash, but then my husband got a group of friends to pitch in and get him a tablet.

A lot of people didn’t bring gifts so I’m assuming they’re just gonna take the easy route and give him the cash, like I would have.

I wouldn’t get either of them lingerie though. Nothing that would make anyone blush. Or puke. (lubricant) (sex toys)

The important thing is to be supportive.

His kids don’t seem too excited about the whole idea.

I’m surprised but not shocked; I already knew he wanted to re-marry. He had hit on a friend of mine a couple times (the one who made the Mole). She’s in her 40s.

I can’t say I’m happy for him; I don’t think I could be happy for someone getting married, unless they are obviously very much in love with each other, which most couples aren’t.

girl friends
I advise my friends to stay single.

I can tell he’s not in love with his fiancee because he can’t hold a conversation without bringing up his late wife. At least not with me.

But the important thing is what they feel, that they love each other, that they don’t want to be alone. It is their lives after all.

I think my husband will miss him a lot because he looks up to him. (He’s moving to Bakersfield; yesterday was his last day here). (The 80-yr. old’s, not my husband’s).

He is a good role-model for guys. He never retired, still works as a gardener, so he is in good shape, and he is super-patient (an ideal trait in any husband) and is both emotionally and intellectually intelligent.

It’s never too late to start over. ♥


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