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Daily Prompt: Going Obsolete

What piece of technology from my lifetime do I miss the most?
Am I old enough to be writing this?
Heheh. Let’s see…

Film SLR cameras.
I liked the sound they made when you forwarded the film.
Mine got invaded by ants.
Audio tape recorders were nice cause despite the low fidelity, they were easy to use.
It was great holding something you made in your hands, as opposed to some abstract file.
Typewriters were quite beautiful.
They also made fun sounds.
But irritating if you made a mistake.

8mm tapes were subject to mold and spun too fast for their own good.
They’d come undone and you had to put your fingers in the holes and wind ’em back up.
Same goes for VHS.
Come to think of it- audio cassettes also had a tendency to unwind.

Oh wait! I just remembered a good one.
Zip discs.
They came in a rainbow of colors.
I might still have some somewhere…
Better than a floppy. Not quite a CD.
Essential to every graphic designer in 1999.

Having a landline aided conversation by providing a visual of my voice traveling across a cable.
Nowadays it just feels like I’m talking into thin air.
When people call me.

…Sometimes people call me.

Well my mom calls me by mistake when she’s trying to call my brother.

So there.

Yeah- conversations are harder than they used to be.

Oh of course! Polaroids!
People would wave the photos and blow to make them develop quicker.

Pocket watches used to be such a great fashion statement.
A man who carried a pocket watch was capable of accomplishing anything.

Today’s men- they all have to ask Google.
“Google, what time does the game start?”
“Google, does my tie match my shirt?”
“Google, what should I buy my girlfriend?”
I wonder what will replace Google.
The robots from Wall-E?

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