I believe in chocolate

Daily Prompt: I Believe in Chocolate

I believe in chocolate.
I believe because of chocolate.
Chocolate… chocolate is my reason to believe.

If belief were a pool, it would be a pool of chocolate.

If belief were a song, it would be a song about chocolate.

If belief were promise, it would be a promise of chocolate to come.

If belief were patience, it would be wrapped in shiny gold foil.

If belief were sacrifice, it would be the chocolate I share with others.

If belief were the blood running through my veins, it would be chocolate milk.

If belief is harmony, it casts crunchy peanuts in soft dark milk chocolate.

If belief is fantasy, it sandwiches ice cream between two chocolate breads.

If belief were religion and religion were chocolate, we would achieve world peace!

I believe because life’s littlest pleasures have motivated me through trials of faith.
God is not cruel.
Proof: chocolate.
God is real:
Proof: chocolate.
I could argue this on so many levels, but I don’t like to argue the obvious.

…ok, I just wanted to write about food again.

response to WP Daily Prompt: Reason to Believe


About Ave Valencia

My friends say I'm an artist. My cats think I'm the greatest thing since smoked salmon. My family- well let's just leave it at that.

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