daily prompt the king of picante

Daily Prompt: The King of Picante

PICANTE– Spanish for spice/spicy.
My husband grew up having contests with his siblings to see who could bear the most spice.
He even put chile on his cereal once. And ate it.
His motto is: “If it’s red and it’s not spicy, it’s no good.”
I’m more of a ketchup person.
When we got married, he wanted me to eat spicy food.
I don’t know why- I mean, if you want a wife who eats spicy food, you should just marry one that already does instead of idealizing someone’s taste palette.
He said he wanted me to experience pleasure in the same way he does.
Maybe he thought I would start making salsas like most Mexican women do.
Anyway, we lived in a city where the temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees F) year-round.
I was volunteering in the sign language field and had to walk up, down and across dusty tree-less suburbs to visit friends in the deaf community.
(I was afraid to drive in that lawless place.)
When I’d finally arrive home around 1 or 2 PM, I was super-hungry and my husband would surprise me with huevos rancheros, a typical Mexican lunch platter.
I was so excited!
New country!
New language!
New home!
And a new husband who cooked.
With spicy foods.
I could never finish any of his dishes.
I’d try.
We were at that stage where you’re still trying to be polite to each other.
Or I was, anyway.
Until the months went by and he kept doing it and I still couldn’t finish a meal.
Finally I told him to either stop putting chile in the huevos rancheros or to stop cooking for me.
We’ve been married for 12 years.
I still don’t eat chile, but he still cooks for me from time to time. šŸ™‚
He makes his own side-salsas, which very few friends can actually eat.
I add powdered chile to everything, but this isn’t very spicy.
It just gives any food a little kick in the taste-buds.
Especially corn and watermelon.
Powdered chile + salt. Mmmmmmmmmm.

It was inevitable that a prompt about spicy food would end up being a prompt about my marriage to the King of Picante.
I guess all couples have their ideals at the beginning.
Newlyweds are 90% expectation.
10% love.
No experience.
Even people who live together before getting married say their relationship changes substantially once they sign.
Since I am already on this topic, and I have about 10 more minutes before I have to shower, allow me to expand:
One year ago, I so badly wanted to go see a Casablanca screening at a nearby theater.
My family pressured me to go do something else.
I had been resentful about it ever since.
But my husband called a few minutes ago to tell me they’re showing it again this year, and he already bought the tickets.
Some men learn with time.
Whereas I– I haven’t had to change anything.

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