daily prompt if i had a hammer

Daily Prompt: A Hammer for Justice

Remember that song by Peter Paul & Mary that they made us learn as kids?
“If I had a hammer…
I’d hammer in the mo-ohr-ning…”
Yes of course you remember; that’s the reason behind the prompt title.
I just like to sing while I write.

At my elementary school they made us sing all the time.
We learned Geography playing Oregon Trail on green-screened Macintoshes.
They’d also make us square dance barefoot in the cafeteria.

But back to the prompt:
Wouldn’t it be great to actually have a hammer that hammers out Justice?
I tried it once for a while; I went around with a giant inflatable hammer and hit people on the head when they’d say something stupid.
It was great.
But it didn’t exactly hammer out justice.

…Whatever happened to that hammer?…

Also the hammer would have to hammer out Danger.
I believe that is a metaphor for…
…Obeying traffic laws.

And most importantly, the hammer would hammer out Love.
Is it just me or does that sound like domestic violence?

I think the hammer in my life represents negotiation skills.
When you are able to discuss something negative and turn it into something positive for those who have interests at stake- That’s a great skill to have.
Also CPR and Heimlich Maneuver. Probably.

To wrap up this topic,  I always hated dancing barefoot.
It felt so dirty.
Why couldn’t we just wear shoes?
What was the logic behind that?

Also, am I the only one that now has the song Hammer-Time stuck in her head?

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