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Daily Prompt: The Wanderette

My mom was a yoga guru.
The type who levitates and floats to places.
She doesn’t like talking about it.
She stopped cause she was afraid one day she’d go too far and wouldn’t be able to get back into her fleshly-self.

I don’t believe in any of that; it’s all very eery to me.

But I remember her telling me when I was little that she would travel inside herself and see the different parts of her body.

That would be a cool place to travel to.
Like that Futurama episode where the whole Planet Express crew travels inside Fry’s body!

I guess I’d like to get a better view of my heart.
Then again those things tend to activate my gag reflex.

Ok I got 4 more:

(btw this is the coolest prompt ever)

4. I want to visit Salmon Lake Alaska which is where I made my character Blueberry Polaris live.

3. Tropical desert island. But probably not alone. Though a guitar would suffice as company.

2. Every time I see a photo of Alberta, Canada it just happens to be amazing, so yeah I want to go hiking there.

1. Can it be a tie? Cause I really like the architecture in both Santorini and Thailand oh and come to think of it St. Petersburg also. But if I had to choose one it’d be Mars. Not for the architecture- for the view.

But for now I’ve got my heart set on one of the Channel Islands cause I’ve been planning to go for the last 2 years and this year I don’t care if I have to camp by myself, I’m determined to go.

❤ g/n thanks to anyone or everyone who reads this.

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About Ave Valencia

My friends say I'm an artist. My cats think I'm the greatest thing since smoked salmon. My family- well let's just leave it at that.

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Wanderette

      1. 🙂 … Why ?? do you want to know why your wishes come true ? or do you want to know why i prayed for you .. or you just wanted to said 😀 Why for any other reason ?


        1. I meant “why” the idiom, used in pleasant surprise situations, ie:
          “Why, you decided to bring an elephant after all!”
          “Why, he looks just like you! of course you’re the father!”


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