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Daily Prompt: Saturday Night

Don’t judge me- I’m getting old.

Saturday night is supposed to be gym night except not today cause I went on a really long hike.
Which almost killed me.
Thanks to yesterday’s prompt on risk-taking.

I usually go all out for dinner and heat up a frozen pizza.
I choose from a variety of fresh or not fresh toppings we have in the fridge.
Tonight’s special was tofu-turkey.
I find the pizza tastes better when I remove it from the cardboard before sticking it in the oven.

Later, if I’m in the mood I go on Tumblr and look at porn.


Actually I read whatever we’re gonna study at church the next day.
I check my email and if I have none, I check my spam folders just in case.
Then I archive my old photos by more specific categories than the previous Saturday night.
If I got any pageviews during the week, I modify my pie, line and bar charts.
When I have time, I google myself and update my husband on me accordingly.

Sometimes I do laundry.
On good Saturdays, I arrange it back in the drawers by color and texture.
Oooooh yeah. That feels warm inside.
I like to rub the lint against the drier screen with my lips.

Now and then I sprinkle cat litter on the floor and then sweep it just to pass the time.

Ideally though- Ideally I play guitar.
And my husband offers to wear headphones while watching YouTube without me asking him to.
My cats stay in the room when I start to sing.

On a really bad Saturday night, I end up blogging personal details about myself that nobody really needed to know.

Oh Gawd my life is boring someone come shoot me pleeeeeheeeeheeeeze.

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About Ave Valencia

My friends say I'm an artist. My cats think I'm the greatest thing since smoked salmon. My family- well let's just leave it at that.

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