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Daily Prompt: Only Sixteen

Ah. 16. The age of vanity.

90% of the pictures I have of myself are from when I was 16.

It turns out I did quite a bit of acting that year (1998-99).

play practice
The blonde in the back was my crush.
demo w/ mom
Doing a demo in front of around 800 people with my mom on how not to behave like me.
girls acting
Video for school project: dressed as militants in Mexican-American war
school film set
Anti-smoking campaign commercial! w/ my bro

I was a natural performer.

girl guitarist and cat
I had been practicing guitar for a year…
girl guitarist annoyed face
Then performed at a talent show at my best friend’s house. By the look on my face, I was mad at him. Probably. 🙂

I started doing a lot of volunteer work for my church.

pioneer school
With my friends at a school to become volunteer ministers.
Pioneer school
I made the photographer move all his equipment so I could take a picture by the swans.
Teenager and little girl
This was the first child I studied the Bible with.
She is now a minister herself.

But I did normal things too.

girl shower
Took showers.
pizza order
Ordered pizza.
brother sister goofing off
Goofed off with my brother. (Still can’t dance).
Mustang light saber
And of course, drove Mustangs around town, cause if you’re gonna get your 16 year old a car, it should be a Mustang.
And don’t forget the light saber to go with it.

It’s fun to reminisce! Once in a while. Thanks WP Daily Prompt!

I had forgotten how cool I was.


About Ave Valencia

My friends say I'm an artist. My cats think I'm the greatest thing since smoked salmon. My family- well let's just leave it at that.

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