Foggy Santa Barbara

“Always Something There to Remind Me”

I ❤ that song.
But no, that's not the song that transports me or sets me in an emotional trance, even when I'm driving, oblivious to any of the other cars on the dark rainy freeway.
The radio song that does it for me- I never listen to it intentionally.
In fact, I've only heard it twice in the last 4 years.
(-counting fingers 1…2…3…4…-)
Yes, 4 years.
It is my favorite song. It came on once on the radio while I was driving home.
I couldn't stop crying.
It says something like,
"You really make
My day
With the little things you say."
I didn't even hear all of it.
I had the volume all the way down and something told me to turn it up.
It was half over.
Since then the song's been added to my MP3 player but so far it has not come up.
I hate my favorite song.

The other time I heard it, before that, I was at work.

I think it transports me to somewhere I don't deserve to be.
No, not work.
Somewhere where everything makes sense, and I don’t need a reason to live.

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m talking about.

~for WP Daily Prompt~


About Ave Valencia

My friends say I'm an artist. My cats think I'm the greatest thing since smoked salmon. My family- well let's just leave it at that.

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